How do I get a spare key for my Pride mobility scooter?

We won’t ask you how you lost your mobility scooter key. We’re just going to focus on making sure you get a new one.

In fact, we’ll probably give you the benefit of the doubt. We’ll assume that you’re being proactive and buying a spare key just in case something happens to the one you certainly haven’t lost yet.

I’ve lost my mobility scooter key. What now?

Fortunately, replacing the key to your mobility scooter is a lot easier than replacing a car key. It’s more like a tractor key, with one key working across a collection of scooter makes and models.

They’re also far cheaper than replacing a car key. For current models, there’s no reason you’d need to spend more than €10 for a replacement key.

Your first stop in replacing your scooter key should be your provider. They’ll be able to send you the right key. Many of our dealers keep replacement keys in stock and can get you back on your way in no time.

If the reason for replacing your key sounds anything like the seagull-in-the-snacks story above, and you need your scooter right away because you’re traveling, the closest dealer might be your best bet.

Scooter Keys

Unlock your tires with the freewheel lever

In a pinch, and if you have a travel buddy willing to push, you can unlock your scooter using the freewheel lever, which is included on all Pride Mobility products. The lever disengages the motor from the tires and allows someone to push the scooter manually. It’s not fun, but it comes in handy if you’re stranded without a key.

Just make sure you reengage the freewheel lever when you’re not moving. That way you won’t roll away!

Old Couple and Wife Riding Mobility Scooter

How do I replace a key for an older scooter?

The good news is, at Pride Mobility, we like to grow, not go backward. While we’re always innovating with exciting new mobility devices, it’s unusual when we discontinue a scooter. That said, we know some of our legacy models are still in operation today.

Pride supports discontinued models for seven years after we end production. That should mean, even if your dealer doesn’t have the right key in stock, they can typically get it from us.

For older models, it’s always best to speak directly with a dealer. They understand the mechanics of how the key mechanism works and should be able to recommend a solution.

Watch out for aftermarket offers

A final thought as we wrap up our comprehensive guide on replacing mobility scooter keys – when you lose your keys, your first thought might be to start poking around on Google.

You’ll immediately find vendors claiming they can replace your missing key. Some of them may be correct. But obviously, we can’t verify every vendor making those claims, and we advise caution on this route. You probably won’t waste a lot of money – they’re usually just a couple bucks – but your time is valuable, too. You shouldn’t have to spin your wheels to get your wheels spinning again.

At the expense of sounding like a broken record, we advise you again to check with your dealer. If they can’t help you with a genuine replacement key, they’re your best resource for finding one that will get your scooter back on the road.