What is an elevating power chair?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of movement in a power chair? Likely, you conjured images of a sleek wheelchair gliding over the ground, wheels rolling effortlessly. This is the essential function of a mobility device, but with the right power chair, you can do so much more.

For a second, let’s forget about forward motion and focus on elevation. Pride Mobility has several power chairs that have elevation features. Riders can easily rise up and lower down. This movement gives them access to higher objects and allows them to address people at eye level.

Meet the Jazzy Air 2

The Jazzy Air 2 is an excellent power chair option for anyone who needs help navigating in the house or wants to explore the world. It has a 136 kg weight capacity and it can travel up to 31 km per charge. The Jazzy Air 2 offers a smooth ride thanks to standard Mid-Wheel 6 technology and Active-Trac Suspension. This power chair also comes with LED lights to ensure that your ride is uninterrupted by the dark. The armrests and headrest are adjustable, affording each rider custom comfort. The Jazzy Air 2 can travel up to 6,4 km/h, regardless of seat height. Riders can elevate 305 mm in just 11 seconds.

We engineered the Jazzy Air 2 for the rider who spends most of their waking hours seated in a power wheelchair. With a tight turning radius of 528 mm, it’s perfect for navigating around the home, popping in and out of your favorite local shops or grabbing a bite at the corner bistro with friends.

Elevating power chairs are a solution

We’ve already established that the lateral motion you get with a Jazzy offers an unparalleled benefit. Now consider the possibilities you’ll gain with vertical mobility. With a foot of extra height, an elevating power chair can be life-altering. Let’s explore some scenarios where a little lift can have a big impact.

Reach more

Let’s face it, traditional home construction is lousy for people who use mobility scooters or power chairs. High cabinet doors and appliances like microwaves and refrigerators can be almost unreachable from a standard wheelchair.

But with a lift, gone are the days of stretching as far as you can to barely reach the kitchen cupboard door. With the quick rise of the Jazzy Air 2, you can elevate quickly to grab what you need. Do you have a stacked washer and dryer? Jazzy’s elevating feature allows you to scoop up your wet clothes, rise to the level of the dryer, deposit your clean clothes and go on with your day. No more seated lay-ups on laundry day.

Get more eye contact

Humans form personal connections through eye contact. We can add unneeded strain on our relationships when we are literally not seeing eye-to-eye. Without an elevating chair, one person is literally looking down on the other. As a person who uses a wheelchair, you may have experienced the challenge of physically looking up at someone while trying to have a discussion on a level playing field. The height disparity can also cause a power imbalance in professional settings. But with a Jazzy Air, riders report that they no longer have to crane their necks to have a conversation. An elevating power wheelchair puts everyone at eye level.

Quick changes

Pride’s elevation technology enables you to do two things at once. The Jazzy Air 2 allows riders to adjust the height while in motion. If you’re at home, you can raise the chair en route to the cabinet so you’re prepared when you get to your destination. Similarly, if you’re approaching a group of friends, go ahead and lift yourself up so you can meet your companions at the same level.

Jazzy Air 2 Right

Jazzy Air 2.0

Up to 6,4 km/h